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The Elephant Path supports organizations and individuals in conducting high-quality, reliable research on social issues. Get better insights, share your knowledge, and improve your decision-making.

More value from your research

Our goal is to help organizations and individuals solve their research needs. We offer guidance and expertise in every step of the research process – whether it’s designing a meaningful project, selecting appropriate methods, analyzing and interpreting data, or presenting study findings in an accurate and convincing way. We help you find the answers to your questions and increase your insights through robust and rigorous research.

The Elephant Path specializes in social science research, particularly the interplay between individuals and the social and cultural contexts they are part of. Our research has an interdisciplinary approach: we integrate theoretical perspectives and empirical insights from diverse disciplines to gain a better understanding of complex societal issues. 



Research Advice

The Elephant Path advises on each stage of the research process. Make sure you…


Ask the right questions and select suitable methods


Get more value out of your available data


Get evidence-based insights on youth and adolescent development

Research Support

We can carry out specific research tasks for you, including:


A review of existing information relevant to your project


Selection of measurement instruments


Quantitative statistical analysis, qualitative techniques, or mixed-methods

Research Content

The Elephant Path creates professional and powerful research content, including:


Research reports or scientific publications as per academic standards


Proofreading, editing, and formatting


Manuals, guides, training materials, presentations, and more

Suzan, founder The Elephant Path

As an interdisciplinary social scientist and research consultant, I have worked on a variety of multi-method and multidisciplinary research projects in diverse settings and for diverse clients. My academic work has mostly focused on youth and the changing social and cultural contexts in which they develop, including projects on social media use, youth culture, sexual development, substance use, and problem behavior. In addition to my academic research experience, I’ve worked as a social impact consultant and as a managing editor for an academic journal.

I believe that researchers, policymakers, and organizations can achieve much more impact if they collaborate and integrate their expertise when addressing complex societal challenges. As an independent researcher, I am committed to high-quality, objective, and reliable research and analysis. It is my mission to bring a scientific perspective to complex social issues and to contribute to an increased understanding of these issues through rigorous research and evidence-based insights.



  • I very much enjoyed and recommend working with The Elephant Path. While Suzan was building the website for our research project, I experienced her as being very skilled and creative. On top of that, I feel that she was able to contribute more in-depth insights as well because of her background in Social Sciences. Suzan is enthusiastic, hard-working, and I am very impressed by the end product, our research website.

    Maud Hensums PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam
  • It was a pleasure working with The Elephant Path. Suzan did an excellent job translating and proofreading my manuscript. Not only was her proofreading meticulous, but she also did a thorough check of the methods and data and made some critical suggestions on the content of the manuscript.

    Regina van den Eijnden Associate Professor, Utrecht University
  • In one word, I would describe Suzan's editorial talent as "brilliant." She and I worked on the structure and the content of my thesis at a point where I got stuck with so many pre-written materials that did not contribute to a well-structured storyline. With her experience in academic writing, Suzan immediately came up with several on-target ideas and helped me re-format my story into a coherent and fluent one while maintaining the relevance for the intended audience. I would be more than happy to collaborate with her again in the future!

    Cagri PhD candidate, TU Delft
  • During my thesis research for the Bachelor Applied Psychology, Suzan advised me on the quantitative data analysis. She helped me select the proper statistical techniques, explained how to perform the analyses in SPSS, and helped me interpret and describe the results. Her feedback was really helpful!

    Anouk Student Applied Psychology